Team Formation
  • Each team shall consists of 1 to 5 student members from the same secondary school. The team shall be led by a teacher of the school. Please note that a large team may have difficulties in coordination and task distribution, which may have negative effect on the research process.
  • Student/Teacher status is defined by school enrollment on April 30, 2018. If a student/teacher leaves the original school on or after April 30, 2018, the student/teacher will be considered as representing the original school even if the student/teacher is enrolled at another institution at the time of report submission.
  • A school may have more than one teams participating in the competition. A teacher may also lead more than one team. However, a student can be listed only in one team.

The Competition
  • Students who intend to participate may form their teams and complete the initial registration through the registration webpage ("Register Now" button above) of Hang Lung Mathematics Awards.
  • A team should select a suitable mathematical research topic and perform an independent study. The team may submit an optional outline, which usually is helpful in clarifying the research process
  • Each team must finalize its registration by providing exact information of the team through the registration website on or before April 30, 2018.
  • Each team should submit a research report, written in English or Chinese, before midnight August 31, 2018, through the designated internet channel. Specific formats should be observed (refer to Resource Library page). If a team with Chinese report is selected to attend the oral defense, an English summary should be submitted because many Scientific Committee members do not understand Chinese.
  • Late reports will not be accepted.
  • Each team should comply with academic honesty and intellectual property when producing the research report. For details, please refer to relevant sections in the Competition Guide.

Assessment Process
  • A two-stage assessment process is adopted by Hang Lung Mathematics Awards, the "research report review" and the "oral defense". For details, please refer to the page of Assessment Process.
  • Generally, reports that reach the basic requirements will be sent to the Scientific Committee for review. Each report will be sent to at least two adjudicators. This stage at least takes 3 months. Around the beginning of December, the Scientific Committee will invite shortlisted teams to participate in the oral defense session to be held in mid-December. Each invited team need to give a brief presentation and then respond to questions raised by the adjudication panel.

  • In the process of the research, a team may ask for opinions and accept guidance from other people. However, team members should truly understand the content of their work. Moreover, they should have also actually performed the research work by themselves.
  • Working on a seemingly advanced and technical mathematics topic may not give you any advantage in the competition. Gaps in your understanding are easily found by our experienced referees. Moreover, it is difficult for you to demonstrate creativity on such topics.
  • No penalty will be applied to work that has received guidance from people outside school. The judgement on whether a work is accepted will be solely on academic quality and integrity.
  • Please refer to the web page about Competition Guide and Research Areas.
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