Academic Honesty and Receiving Guidance

In the process of the research, a team may ask the opinions and accept guidance from other people. However, team members should should have actually performed the research work and should truly understand the content of their work. Methods and results of others used in the research should be documented in the references of the report. In any case, each participating team should observe the common standard of academic integrity adopted by most mathematics journals.

The Resource Center under the Executive Committee may organize activities from time to time in order to provide guidance and assistance to the teams. Each team may participate according to their own needs. Further information about these activities will be announced through this website.

Intellectual Property

Original work and results are the intellectual belongings to the participants and this is respected by Hang Lung Mathematics Awards. Hang Lung Mathematics Awards only reserves first right of refusal on the works of awarded winners. Winners should approach Hang Lung Mathematics Awards first before they publish their works or derive any benefit from the work. In addition, works of winners may be used in part or in full for the promotion of Hang Lung Mathematics Awards.

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Planning your Research

The submitted title and research plan may change from time to time according to the progress of the research. Nevertheless, frequent changes will never lead to substantial achievement. Teams should arrange their research activities according to a well-thought plan.

In the following, there is a simple list of important dates and events.

Events Remarks
Since June, 2017 Initial registration

Online registration page
(you may start to register even when the team is not yet completely formed)

@ Background and library search, identification and understanding of the problem, commencement of the research
April 30, 2018
Finalization of registration Submit the accurate information of team members, teacher and school; add, delete, or change team members
@ Further investigation and research
Before Midnight*, 31 August 2018 Submission of research report by HLMA login More than 5 pages according to the specified format given in the page of Resource Library.
December, 2018
Oral Defense
December, 2018

Lunch/Dinner Ceremony
Results of HLMA 2018 will be announced on this occasion.

* That is, all reports have to be submitted online on or before 23:59 by computer time.
   To avoid failure of timely submission due to congested network traffic, participants are advised to avoid last-minute submission.
   If your team cannot submit the report before the deadline due to unforeseeable technical problem with computer/internet network, please contact us as soon as possible.

Research Areas

The areas of research must be mathematics and its applications, such as:

  • Basic research: algebra, analysis, geometry, probability, statistics, etc.
  • Engineering applications: computing, internet, communications, information and digital technology, etc.
  • Commercial applications: economics, finance, logistics, management, decision science, operations research, transportation, etc.
  • Scientific applications: medicine, physics, chemistry, biology, environment and health problems, etc.
  • Innovation designs: image and visualization, games, puzzles, algorithms, etc.

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