Assessment Process

The Scientific Committee of Hang Lung Mathematics Awards comprises a panel of internationally renowned mathematicians. The committee is the highest authority on the assessment of the research reports, and upholds the academic standard of the competition.

There are two stages of the assessment: research report review and oral defense.

Research Report Review

  1. Each submitted research report will first be screened by the Screening Panel to determine whether or not it has fulfilled the basic academic standards.
  2. Each report that passes the initial screening will be sent to at least two mathematicians or experts for further review. If there is a discrepancy in the reviews or comments of the two referees, an opinion from a third referee will be sought.
  3. These research reports will be read by members of the Scientific Committee. Each member of the Scientific Committee may append his/her views on a certain report, or request the review of a report by specific experts. The Scientific Committee also has access to review those research reports that did not pass the screening.
  4. The Scientific Committee will determine which teams will be invited to participate in the oral defense.

Remarks: During the Research Report Review process, some teams may be invited to an interview. The objective of this interview is to understand the process of research conducted by the team, so as to provide more information to the Scientific Committee. This interview does not form part of the selection process.

Research Report Oral Defense

  1. Members of the Scientific Committee will adjudicate the oral defense. Each team invited to participate in the oral defense will make a brief public presentation of their research, followed by a closed-door inquiry before the members of the Scientific Committee.
  2. The Scientific Committee will take into consideration the team’s performance in the oral defense session when deciding on the winners of the Hang Lung Mathematics Awards.

Remarks: As many teams would have previously come in contact with members of the Executive Committee through activities held by the Resource Center, the Executive Committee will only play the role of liaison in the assessment process, and will not participate in the adjudication process.