The Hang Lung Mathematics Awards is a biennial mathematics research competition for secondary school students in Hong Kong. Founded in 2004 by Mr. Ronnie C. Chan, the Chairman of Hang Lung Properties, and Professor Shing-Tung Yau, a world renowned mathematician and a Fields Medalist, the objective of the Awards is to encourage secondary students and teachers to realize their full creative potential in mathematics and science by stimulating their passion for intellectual discovery. Schools are invited to form teams of up to five students, and under the supervision of a teacher. Each team designs and carries out a mathematics research project, then submits a project report which summarizes the methodology, research, and results. The Scientific Committee evaluates the reports in a rigorous, multi-step review process that is similar to publishing an article in a scientific journal and determines teams to participate in the oral defense. The oral defense is modeled after the doctoral degree defense process of a brief public presentation followed by a closed-door inquiry. After the conclusion of the oral defense, the winners of the Hang Lung Mathematics Awards are decided and announced.

Hang Lung Properties and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Department of Mathematics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong are the co-organizers of the Hang Lung Mathematics Awards. At each competition, HK$1 million is given out in monetary prizes in addition to tuition scholarships of HK$400 thousands worth. There are eight Hang Lung Mathematics Awards: Gold, Silver, Bronze and up to five Honorable Mentions. Each award has four components: a Student Education Grant, a Teacher Leadership Award, a School Development Grant, and a Tuition Scholarship for a Master of Science (MSc) in Mathematics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Mathematics is the essential foundation of every scientific development. Its growing importance in the new technological age is obvious. For years, the great mathematician Professor S. T. Yau has been advocating a project type competition in mathematics with a three fold objective, to encourage the mathematics research and education; to cultivate the mathematics interest among the younger generation; to identify and discover talents in mathematics in Hong Kong. It is wished that the participation in topical research will nurture the creativity in our next generation, will motivate their interest towards intellectual discovery, and will raise their academic aptitude and ability.

With the full support and recognition by Hang Lung Properties, the idea of Professor Yau is actualized as Hang Lung Mathematics Awards in reality. The first competition was held in 2004 and winners were decided during the period of the Third International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians. From then on, the awards will be presented biennially. The Hang Lung Mathematics Awards is co-organized by Hang Lung Properties, the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Department of Mathematics of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In the inaugural year, the Hong Kong Education City was a key partner, particularly in overseeing the registration process, outreach to secondary schools, and web and multimedia management. In subsequent years, registration, school liaison, and academic matters were operated in the Department of Mathematics and Institute of Mathematical Sciences; ceremonial events were organized by Hang Lung Properties. All along, the competition is strongly supported by the mathematics departments of University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


  • To promote intellectual discovery and to strengthen knowledge among the youth of Hong Kong.
  • To raise attention and increase appreciation towards the education profession and the contributions of teachers.
  • To advance the development of interactive educational activities, the learning environment, and the quality of mathematics teaching.
  • To stimulate mathematics and scientific creativity and cooperation among students, and to encourage their contribution to society.
Hang Lung Mathematics Awards c/o Department of Mathematics
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, NT, Hong Kong