Guidelines on preparing your report
Notes on submitting report
Reference Materials
Notes on Submitting Report
  • The research report submitted by a team will be regarded as a summary of the research performed. The Scientific Committee will evaluate the research work according to the report. Therefore, each team should compile the report with extensive care to record precisely and clearly the research result in the report.
  • There are formatting requirements that you must follow. A Guidelines is given for writing the research report, in which you may also find helpful suggestions.
  • The report must be submitted electronically by uploading through the page of "participant login" before the specified deadline. In case of technical mistakes in the process of submitting or uploading the research report, you may be informed by the Executive Committee to submit another report within the "revised period". Late report will not be accepted without approval.
  • Download the Guidelines and read it with care.
  • Participants should note that submitted works may be subjected to intellectual property restrictions. Please see the page of Competition Guide for details.
Reference Materials

Below, some periodicals and internet resources are listed for your reference. Soon, winning projects of previous years will also be available.


  • American Mathematical Monthly
  • The College Mathematics Journal
  • International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology
  • Journal of Recreational Mathematics
  • The Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics and its Applications
  • The Mathematical Gazette
  • Mathematics Magazine
  • Mathematical Spectrum

Internet Resources

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